Dating Advice For Lesbians

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Dating as a lesbian doesn’t have to be a headache. There are several things you should take in to consideration to make a more pleasurable and safe dating experience.

Where To Meet Women

Going to lesbian clubs and bars is a great way to meet other women. If drinking isn’t your thing, join a lesbian sports team, lesbian study group, or take a women’s study class at your local college.

Great Dates

It’s really hard trying to be an active lesbian in a world that isn’t as open and accepting as it should be. This can be difficult when you try to plan a date. You want to pick a location where you can be yourselves and be safe. It’s best to stick to lesbian hangouts, or places that are at least gay friendly. You can search online for restaurants, clubs, and other places that are GLBT friendly. There’s also safety in numbers, and you have a better chance of not being heckled or worse, if you are in an area where the gay community is welcomed.

Who Not To Date

It’s not uncommon in the lesbian community for ex girlfriends to remain friends. While this sounds great, it’s not always. Sometimes a woman chooses to remain friends with an ex because there are still feelings. Avoid dating friends of exes, and it’s a good idea not to date your friends exes either. This can open a bag of worms you don’t want to deal with later, and you can ruin a great relationship this way.

Mixing Swinging With Dating In The Vanilla World

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Dating as a swinger, especially in a world that isn’t so accepting of swingers, can be hard. It can be done though, you just need to follow some simple advice.

Be Discreet

You can fully enjoy a swinging lifestyle without being shunned by your community. The easiest way to do this is to stick to swinging events for big dates. You can join a swingers club and find outings and activities with other swingers. Most of these activities will be held in private or semi-private locations so you don’t have to worry about being seen and outed to co-workers or family.

Double Dates And Groups

If you have another couple that you enjoy, consider bringing them along on your next date. This doesn’t look out of the ordinary as people go on double dates or group dates all the time. The only difference is the end of the evening may go differently than a traditional vanilla date. This is a great way to enjoy the company of your swinging partners and not be confined to a home or swingers club.

Be Realistic

You won’t be able to walk in to restaurant wearing your favorite swinging gear. You also won’t be able to be completely open with other couples while out in public. This doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy yourself, you’ll just have to be more discreet about the build up. Besides, this can actually be more fun since there is a taboo element at play, and only the people in your group are aware of it. If you plan on taking the date indoors after, you have already spent the entire evening building it up. Think of it as quiet foreplay.

Dating Advice For Transvestites

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Dating as a transvestite can be difficult. Many people aren’t open to anything that is different, and you have to watch out for your personal safety. There are options available though that will provide a safe environment to meet others who would be open.

GLBT Clubs

If you decide to go to a GLBT club to find someone, you should be relatively safe. Most bars and clubs that cater to the GLBT community will have either one night a week, or certain monthly events, that cater to transvestites, transsexuals, and other transgendered folks. This is a good way to meet others in the community, even if you don’t find a date.

Online Ads

You can place ads on websites that are devoted to alternative lifestyles, or transvestites in particular. This is a great way to meet people who will be open with your lifestyle choices, and will yield you a safer way to meet people.

Be Careful

The most important tip is to be safe. Many people don’t understand the lifestyle, and make poor, sometimes violent, decisions as well. Never go on a first date in a private location. Stick with public places, like bars, clubs, or restaurants. No matter how well the date goes, it’s best to wait a few dates before going home with someone as well just as a safety precaution. It’s not a bad idea to leave your dates information with a close friend or family member as well. This way someone knows where you are and who you will be with. This isn’t just for the transgendered community, this is good advice for anyone in the dating pool.

Dating Advice For The Older Woman

By freedatingquest February 19th, 2011, under Mature Dating

Dating as an older woman will take extra consideration to find a good mate and plan a great date. From finding a suitable partner to going on the actual date, here are some simple tips that will help you out.

Find An Appropriate Site

If you are wanting to date someone your age, be sure you sign up for a site that caters to your generation. This will allow you to browse appropriate profiles without worrying about being bombarded by requests from those only interested in dating an older woman because they are older. While the Cougar phenomenon has spread globally, this may not be your cup of tea.

Dating Younger Men

Many women are looking to date younger men. They are more active, more vibrant, and bring youth to the situation. If you choose to go this route, you must understand that no matter how mature they act, there is always going to be an age gap. This gap can create issues with life views and maturity levels. Be realistic. You won’t find a handsome younger guy who has the life experience you do.

You Hold The Cards

Don’t allow yourself to feel pressured when on a date. If the man is acting too aggressive, or is just rude, you need to let him know you will not tolerate this. After all, it’s completely your decision if you want to finish the date and pursue more. Many younger men think that older women want someone who is aggressive. If you let them know up front that you aren’t looking for that and they cross a line, don’t hesitate to get up and walk away.

Dating Advice For Swingers

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Finding someone to date when you want to live a swingers lifestyle can be difficult. People who aren’t swingers don’t understand the lifestyle, and most dating sites cater to couples looking for other couples. There are several things you can employ to find a good partner.

Be Honest

Don’t try to hide the fact that you’re a swinger. Many people assume if they meet someone great and it really starts get serious that their partner will be open later on when they find out about the desire to swing. Unfortunately, this is almost never the case. No matter what kind of feelings they have for you, if they aren’t in to the lifestyle you aren’t going to change their minds. You will be faced with not living the lifestyle to stay with them, or leaving them to find someone who is more open. Either of these choices are not ideal.

Go To Clubs And Meetings

Most clubs will allow a certain number of singles in to each event. In most cases they don’t want more than 10% of the population to be single, but this can still give you an opportunity to meet others who are interested in swinging and are also single. You can find clubs and swingers meetings by going online.

Post An Online Ad

Even though most swingers site are geared towards couples, it doesn’t hurt to create a profile and see what happens. Many other single swingers are looking for partners, and this will get your information out there for others to see.

Places to find dates online

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The modern age of dating has moved to a more digital world. In the past we had to rely on friends or family to introduce us, count on chance encounters while out, or go to smoky bars in the hopes of meeting people. Now this world has opened up tremendously and these unappealing options aren’t all that’s out there. Here are a few great places to check for dates online.

Dating Websites

One good way to find people to date online is by scouting out a few dating websites. You can find sites that are great for general dating, or for those who have more specific tastes. You can find sites that cater to specific backgrounds, religious affiliations, and interests. Spend some time looking around before you decide to create a profile. Most sites will allow you to do a basic browse search before you need to sign up.


Are you a big soccer fan? Backing a certain political party? You can find plenty of forums where folks with the same ideas and interests as you can go for friendly chats or heated debates. Many forums will also have a singles section, allowing you to introduce yourself and meet others. The downside to this is you usually can’t weed people out by region, so if you’re on a global forum you may have a hard time meeting people in your area.

Online Ads

Many communities will have online bulletin boards that will allow you to post free personal ads. This is the modern version of the old newspaper personal. Since these are typically free or very low cost to place, and free to browse, it’s a popular way to meet people.

Dating A Dogger And What To Expect

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Dogging is becoming more widespread across the world. While it’s always been out there, only recently has it seen more public appeal. If you’ve met someone who participates in dogging, you shouldn’t assume they are deviants. You can have a meaningful relationship with a few tips.

Understand Dogging

Before you decide to pursue a date with someone in to dogging, you should understand what it is. Dogging is a form of exhibitionism and voyeurism. Some doggers also enjoy group action. Dogging itself is the act of having sex in public in a place where others can watch, or it can involve watching other couples. In some cases, a couple may be open to having others join when they are caught. Dogging is often misunderstood, but it is practiced with specific guidelines and etiquette, and doggers are typically very respectful of others boundaries.

Ask Questions

If you are dating someone and they bring up the act of dogging, don’t be afraid to ask questions. If you have never been exposed to the lifestyle, a dogger will be willing to explain everything. This will make you more comfortable with the idea, and allow you to decide if you want to participate.

Walking Away

Bringing up the subject of dogging can be uncomfortable for both people. If you aren’t in to the idea, simply speak up. You don’t have to be offensive about it, just tell the other person it’s not something you are interested in. Since dogging is a touchy subject, your feelings will be respected. Worse case scenario is you can walk away from the relationship since this is normally something that is brought up early on.

Dating Advice For The Gay People

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As part of the GLBT community it can be difficult to date. It really doesn’t have to be a nightmare though, there are plenty of great, safe, ideas out there. Here are just a few tips for the gay community when it comes to dating.

Meeting People

The GLBT community has grown and become much more open in the last decade. It’s now much easier to find functions and events that cater to the community. Finding clubs and bars that cater to the gay community is easier than ever. Pride festivals are held all over the world, and you can even find events and fairs that are devoted to the GLBT community. These are all great options for meeting others.

Another option for those who live in rural areas with no night scene is to find a dating website devoted to alternative lifestyles. Many of the bigger websites have listing options for gays and lesbians. You can also find sites devoted specifically to gay men or lesbians. This is a good way to meet friends and potential future dates without having to drive out of town to the closest gay club.

Going Out

These same events and clubs are great ideas for dates. Unfortunately safety is still an issue for the gay community in many parts of the world. It’s much safer to go on a date in a place that is open and accepting. You can find many gay and lesbian friendly joints with a simple internet search. For a first date though it’s a good idea to avoid your regular hang out. If all your friends show up on your first date, this isn’t the most romantic notion and can ruin the date before it begins.

Dating Advice For The Older Man

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Dating as an older man can be frustrating. Most of the dating sites are marketed towards the 20 or 30 something crowd, and there aren’t many singles events that someone older than 30 would really feel comfortable at.

Finding Dates

Finding people your age will be much easier if you know where to look. You can find plenty of online dating sites that cater to those in their 40s, 50s, or 60s. This is a better option than signing up for a site that is geared towards the younger population. It also helps to meet people your age. As much as a younger generation may sound, you will have different values and morals, and will be in a much different place in your life.

It’s not uncommon for younger women to sign up for profiles looking for older men. Many of them assume an older man will have money, and aren’t always interested in a relationship. Sticking to a site geared towards folks your age will help you avoid this.

Going Out

When you are planning a date it’s important to consider where you will go. Going to a night club if you are older is probably not a good idea. It will end up being a nightmare for both of you. Some great date ideas are the theater, a romantic dinner, or anything that you are able to talk and enjoy each others company. Avoid places that are popular for teens or young adults, as this will be loud and uncomfortable for both of you.