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Places to find dates online

Saturday, December 18th, 2010

The modern age of dating has moved to a more digital world. In the past we had to rely on friends or family to introduce us, count on chance encounters while out, or go to smoky bars in the hopes of meeting people. Now this world has opened up tremendously and these unappealing options aren’t all that’s out there. Here are a few great places to check for dates online.

Dating Websites

One good way to find people to date online is by scouting out a few dating websites. You can find sites that are great for general dating, or for those who have more specific tastes. You can find sites that cater to specific backgrounds, religious affiliations, and interests. Spend some time looking around before you decide to create a profile. Most sites will allow you to do a basic browse search before you need to sign up.


Are you a big soccer fan? Backing a certain political party? You can find plenty of forums where folks with the same ideas and interests as you can go for friendly chats or heated debates. Many forums will also have a singles section, allowing you to introduce yourself and meet others. The downside to this is you usually can’t weed people out by region, so if you’re on a global forum you may have a hard time meeting people in your area.

Online Ads

Many communities will have online bulletin boards that will allow you to post free personal ads. This is the modern version of the old newspaper personal. Since these are typically free or very low cost to place, and free to browse, it’s a popular way to meet people.