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Dating Advice For Swingers

Thursday, January 27th, 2011

Finding someone to date when you want to live a swingers lifestyle can be difficult. People who aren’t swingers don’t understand the lifestyle, and most dating sites cater to couples looking for other couples. There are several things you can employ to find a good partner.

Be Honest

Don’t try to hide the fact that you’re a swinger. Many people assume if they meet someone great and it really starts get serious that their partner will be open later on when they find out about the desire to swing. Unfortunately, this is almost never the case. No matter what kind of feelings they have for you, if they aren’t in to the lifestyle you aren’t going to change their minds. You will be faced with not living the lifestyle to stay with them, or leaving them to find someone who is more open. Either of these choices are not ideal.

Go To Clubs And Meetings

Most clubs will allow a certain number of singles in to each event. In most cases they don’t want more than 10% of the population to be single, but this can still give you an opportunity to meet others who are interested in swinging and are also single. You can find clubs and swingers meetings by going online.

Post An Online Ad

Even though most swingers site are geared towards couples, it doesn’t hurt to create a profile and see what happens. Many other single swingers are looking for partners, and this will get your information out there for others to see.