Dating A Dogger And What To Expect

Dogging is becoming more widespread across the world. While it’s always been out there, only recently has it seen more public appeal. If you’ve met someone who participates in dogging, you shouldn’t assume they are deviants. You can have a meaningful relationship with a few tips.

Understand Dogging

Before you decide to pursue a date with someone in to dogging, you should understand what it is. Dogging is a form of exhibitionism and voyeurism. Some doggers also enjoy group action. Dogging itself is the act of having sex in public in a place where others can watch, or it can involve watching other couples. In some cases, a couple may be open to having others join when they are caught. Dogging is often misunderstood, but it is practiced with specific guidelines and etiquette, and doggers are typically very respectful of others boundaries.

Ask Questions

If you are dating someone and they bring up the act of dogging, don’t be afraid to ask questions. If you have never been exposed to the lifestyle, a dogger will be willing to explain everything. This will make you more comfortable with the idea, and allow you to decide if you want to participate.

Walking Away

Bringing up the subject of dogging can be uncomfortable for both people. If you aren’t in to the idea, simply speak up. You don’t have to be offensive about it, just tell the other person it’s not something you are interested in. Since dogging is a touchy subject, your feelings will be respected. Worse case scenario is you can walk away from the relationship since this is normally something that is brought up early on.

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