Dating Advice For Lesbians

Dating as a lesbian doesn’t have to be a headache. There are several things you should take in to consideration to make a more pleasurable and safe dating experience.

Where To Meet Women

Going to lesbian clubs and bars is a great way to meet other women. If drinking isn’t your thing, join a lesbian sports team, lesbian study group, or take a women’s study class at your local college.

Great Dates

It’s really hard trying to be an active lesbian in a world that isn’t as open and accepting as it should be. This can be difficult when you try to plan a date. You want to pick a location where you can be yourselves and be safe. It’s best to stick to lesbian hangouts, or places that are at least gay friendly. You can search online for restaurants, clubs, and other places that are GLBT friendly. There’s also safety in numbers, and you have a better chance of not being heckled or worse, if you are in an area where the gay community is welcomed.

Who Not To Date

It’s not uncommon in the lesbian community for ex girlfriends to remain friends. While this sounds great, it’s not always. Sometimes a woman chooses to remain friends with an ex because there are still feelings. Avoid dating friends of exes, and it’s a good idea not to date your friends exes either. This can open a bag of worms you don’t want to deal with later, and you can ruin a great relationship this way.

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